Starting over again

Tammy Mundy

Welcome to my Witchen Kitchen!

I originally started this blog back in 2005 when I first became interested in learning more about herbs.  I’ve been a hearth keeper and home maker my entire life (in addition to school and career and kids and all that).  Learning to use herbs for cooking, medicine, and spiritual practice was a natural fit for me.

I got divorced in 2009 and stopped writing for a while.  Without a hearth and home and people to take care of, I was a little lost for a few years.  Right around that time, coincidentally, this website got hacked and I lost all the lovely articles I had written over the four years I had been blogging.  It was if the Universe was conspiring to sweep the past clean away and force me to focus on the future.

Lots of learning and healing has happened for me since then.   I’ve got a new home, a healthy new marriage, new step children, new grandbabies, new career… along with plenty of garden space, kitchen tools, art supplies, books, and most of all, the time to create.

So here I am, having recreated my life, now recreating my Witchen Kitchen and sharing my passion and heart with anyone who cares to read.  Pour yourself a cup of tea and come on in.  I’ve got a tasty soup simmering on the stove, herbal medicines in the cupboard, and lots of interesting things to tell you about.  Let’s get started…

About Tammy Mundy

When Tammy is not busy being the head cook, gardener, and herbalist in her home, or writing articles for this blog, she's lead therapist and owner at SeaRhythms Massage & Bodywork, writer of novels, wife to her soul mate, a mother, and a grandmother. She also likes to go to live music shows, throw darts, and drink beer… but sometimes she prefers wine or tequila. More info at her creative portfolio site:, and her massage therapy practice website:

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