Tasty Magnesium Rich Herbal Infusion

I’ve been showing signs of magnesium deficiency, so I made a magnesium-rich herbal infusion, steeped over night.  It’s really tasty!

Part of my symptoms are related to the peri menopause I’m sure, but I suspect magnesium deficiency is at the root of it. I’m having a lot of fatigue, grumpiness, digestive issues, muscle spasms, tingling in my hands some times, occasional heart flutters…

And it seems the worse I feel the less likely I am to take care of myself properly. WHY do I put off taking care of myself?

So I made this herbal infusion. It is mostly oatstraw and horsetail for the magnesium and other minerals that support healthy connective tissue and nervous system, a little nettles for kidney support, and some licorice root and ginger for flavor as well as liver and digestive support.

It’s really good!  To me anyway. Maybe because I need these particular herbs right now.  If you make this and it doesn’t taste good to you consider that one or more of the herbs may not be right for you at this time.

After just one glass, I swear I feel better already!

Here is how I made it.

This much Oatstraw
This much Oatstraw
This much Horsetail
This much Horsetail
About half as much Nettles
About half as much Nettles
Three slices fresh ginger, chopped
Three slices fresh ginger, chopped
One piece Licorice Root, broken up
One piece Licorice Root, broken up
Put in a french press and pour boiling water over the herbs. Let steep over night.
Put in a french press and pour boiling water over the herbs. Let steep over night.


Then enjoy a cup or two over ice the next couple of days! Keep refrigerated after you steep it and it should be good for about 2 days.

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The Best Things I Did For Myself All Week

When I get sick, my first thoughts usually turn to, how can I make this GO AWAY!! NOW!!  But I’m learning through experience that this approach is not always the best way.  It seems the more I push at an illness, the more it pushes back, and the longer I have to deal with it.

If you remember from a previous post how sick I was recently, and how well Butterfly Weed helped me, you may be surprised to learn that I got another virus just as that never-ending one cleared up.  I went to the doctor to rule out a more serious infection like pnuemonia and such.  Clear mucous, no fever… probably just another opportunistic cold virus catching hold while my immune system was still weak and vulnerable — from my recent illness and also from racing through life at a frantic pace without enough rest or self care!

With that original illness, I had thrown everything herbal at it that I could think of.  Lots of tincture taking and impatience as the symptoms hung on and on.  Even the more nourishing remedies, such as hot bone broth soup, were administered with a forceful attitude.  I was wanting to get back to my busy life at full speed, but I felt like shit.  My thoughts were, what can I take that will zap this thing out of me and let me get on with it????

Susan Weed teaches a lot about “problems as allies.” The idea is that when an illness shows up, your body is trying to speak, to get your attention.  It’s not an enemy to be thwarted, but an ally that can help you move toward greater wholeness and health.  What was my body saying to me?  When I became sick again so soon after just starting to get well, I decided to stop “fighting off illness” and embrace it so I could pay more careful attention to my body’s voice.  It was saying that I needed sleep.  I needed comfort and warmth.  I needed nourishment.  I needed some TLC and gentleness.


I took a couple days off from massage school and a day off from work.  Through those days and into the weekend, I slept a lot more than I had in months.

After waking up from a nice long sleep on one of the days, feeling pretty relaxed, but cold and congested, I went to my herb cupboard and picked out herb for a hot steam.  Calendula flowers, yes, that’s what I wanted. Some may think of the more aromatic herbs as the most appropriate here, but for some reason, I just wanted the calendula.  I boiled some water and poured it over the dried flowers into a bowl and then covered my head with a towel to breath in the warm steam, letting in cool air as needed.  Pure bliss, deeply penetrating warmth and comfort for my lungs and sinuses.  When the water had cooled enough, I took some of the warm moist flowers and laid them over my eyes and sinuses, absorbing their healing energy.

My lungs were still feeling weak after these many weeks, still hanging on to a lingering, nagging cough.  My glands and lymph were still swollen a bit.  I went back to my herb cupboard a little later for infusion ingredients – to soothe my symptoms, not force them well, just soothe them.  And I FOUND SOME MULLIEN!!  I had thought I was out, but there it was, this wonderful lung tonic.  Into the infusion jar went a small handful.  Mellow oatstraw was calling to me also, so a handful of that next.  Hmmm… dried elderberries… I briefly wondered if they would be good as infusion (I’d only been taking it as tincture so far).  I thought yes, so a few of those added to the jar, too.  Finally, some more of the yellow calendula petals (just petals, not the whole flower head; just what my body seemed to want).  Pour boiling water over, cap, and leave for a few hours.  Strain and drink.  The taste is smooth, mellow, slightly fruity, divine.  Everything elderberry is supposed to do for a cold or flu seemed magnified ten times over compared to the tincture. The the taste of mullien is like something I’ve been craving for a long time. The infusion soothes my cough.  It relaxes and nourishes me deeply. I make this brew again the next day and the next and the next.

Chicken soup several days in a row, made with bone broth, lots of sage and thyme and pepper and salt.  The warmth down my throat, the herbs, the minerals, all work together to start weaving back together my frayed system.

Several hot baths with bundles of herbs thrown in.  Red clover blossoms and, once again, sunny calendula.  Bone penetrating warmth, just as I needed.

By Monday, I felt rested and relaxed and just about back to my old self.  My lungs felt healthy and strong, all my upper respiratory passages felt moist and at ease.  An interesting side note – the tennis elbow I’ve had for months now STOPPED HURTING ALSO!  Somehow through this process, that elbow got what it needed, too, so it stopped yelling at me.

This experience was two weeks ago.  I’ve been mostly well since then, but everytime I start to over do it, scrimp on sleep, or fail to nourish myself properly with fluids and good food, that little tickling cough starts to creep back, and I understand the message immediately.

Notice all the water-based, warm, nourishing herbal remedies I instinctively reached for when the focus became listening and nurturing, instead of squashing and conquering.  This is kitchen medicine at its best.  A great lesson this whole experience has been for me in the art of Healing Wise, one of many I’ve been blessed with recently.

Help for indigestion

I will never ever eat anything heavy near bedtime again!  I had an extra couple of bites of our yummy dinner casserole as I was cleaning up the kitchen last night, and then had god awful indigestion the whole night.  Miserable.

My poor digestive system was pulling an all nighter trying to deal with that pasta, sausage, tomato sauce and cheese.  When it should have been resting and repairing, it was instead working.  It was not happy to say the least, and it was not very efficient either.  The food sat like a brick all night, causing bloating and pain.  I slept lightly, couldn’t relax my racing mind, had vivid anxious dreams when I did sleep.  Just an awful night.

Today I’m trying to undo some of the damage with gently nourishing foods and herbal allies, especially geared to sooth the tummy and aid digestion.

For breakfast, I’m having some chamomile tea with a little peppermint, along with some oatmeal with butter and cinnamon and a little brown sugar.  Both chamomile and peppermint are excellent digestive aids.  The oatmeal will provide good nourishment and plenty of mucilage to sooth and help the digestion along.

I always add cinnamon when I eat this healthy high carb food because it lessens the effect on my blood sugars, as does the added butter.  Plus the cinnamon is warming and the oatmeal is moistening, both of which I seem to need right now.  I’ve been very cold and dry all over this winter, especially with regard to digestion.

Later, I’ll have some wild greens with my lunch and dinner to help stimulate the digestive juices.  I saw a lovely patch of bittercress out in the yard earlier… think I’ll go get some of that for sure.  I’ll make a nice wild green salad with them the bright green chickweed growing nearby.  I’ll splash on some olive oil with dandlion leaf vinegar that I made last fall.

And about a half hour before my next meals, I’ll also take a dropperful of my dandelion root tincture.  It’s a bitter that stimulates digestive juices and is very helpful for indigestion, acid reflux and other stomach problems.  It also nourishes and tones the kidneys and liver.  Wish I had some fresh dandelion greens for my salad, but haven’t seen any new growth outside yet.

I’ll keep the meals a little lighter today, and drink lots of helpful herbal teas and infusions in between meals.  I think I’ll make oatstraw infusion to sip on today, with some marshmallow root added in for its moistening mucilage.  That should be nice.

Hopefully, all will be better by the end of the day. I hope so!