A Rain Myth

It is a gray rainy day today. Hurray! We need the water desperately.

Driving my four year old grandson to school this morning, he and I had a nice conversation about the rain and the way it fits into our lives. Here’s a new myth for you.

He first asked all the typical questions, along with some not so typical ones. Why does it rain? How does the water get in the clouds? Will the trees and flowers die without water? Will Mother Earth be thirsty if it doesn’t rain? How does Mother Earth drink the water? When it thunders is Father Sky bowling? Why does he do that?

After a whole slew of questions and me explaining and interweaving as best I could the science and the myth, he grew quiet, his brows knitted together, thinking hard. Gradually, his expression turned to one of disgust.

“Mimi, is Father Sky peeing on us???”

Then he decided that was the funniest thing he had ever heard and started giggling uncontrollably.

Don’t you just love kids?!

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