Dandelion Oil Insights


I’ve been working with Dandelion Oil since this past Spring. As I get to know it better, I’m starting to get a better sense of how it works, both emotionally and physically.

On an emotional level, it is sunny and happy and laid back, relaxed and stress free.  I always feel more joy after working with this oil.  After many uses and careful observation, now I’m finding that its physical effect on the body may work along a similar vibration.

From the very first times I used my Dandy oil, I noticed that the amazing muscle pain relieving properties worked best when the oil was lightly massaged into the affected area. If massaged in deeply, it didn’t do much at all for me, and sometimes my muscles even felt more achy after a good rub (though I always felt more relaxed overall, especially emotionally). I’ve concluded that dandelion flower oil seems to work its best magic through a light, relaxed touch.

As I’ve been studying the art of massage therapy and learning more about anatomy, I’m starting to believe that the oil primarily works to relax the fascia that surrounds the muscles as well as other connective tissue like tendons, but it does not work on the muscle tissue itself.

So far, it has worked best for me to relieve muscle pain when lightly rubbed into areas rich in connective tissue and muscle attachments, such as the hip bone and down the outside of the leg, or in the lower back around the spine and sacrum.  It’s also nice in the neck and shoulder area when applied lightly, but a few times I’ve rub it in too deeply and aggravated the tension.  Again, a light touch works best.

I haven’t yet been able to find any other herbalists who have similar observations about this oil, but I would love to hear other opinions and experiences along these lines.

I’ll continue to experiment also with my massage clients, as they are willing.  

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