Dissolving a growth with Red Clover

I have been drinking Red Clover infusions occasionally since last winter.  Recently, I’ve been very bad about making the infusions ahead of time, so I’ve been making teas instead.  I find the teas are beneficial to my sense of well being, too, though maybe not as potent as the infusions.

This past weekend I had occassion to use a Red Clover poultice.  I have read that Red Clover has TONS of anti-cancer properties and that it will dissolve growths, etc, especially in breast tissue.  Well, I had this growth just under my left breast that came up sometime last winter.  It looked like it started off as a skin tag or a mole, but then it was inverted so it was growing under the skin instead of above it.  It had two little “heads” that looked like black heads, but you could not squeeze anything out.  I’ve just been ignoring it for months, but then a couple of weeks ago it got a bit inflamed, very painful and a little itchy.  After some reading I did last weekend and learning of Red Clovers “growth” dissolving properties, I decided to try it on my own little problem growth.

First, I made myself a tea of Red Clover and dried flower blossoms in a cup with boiling water poured over.  I let it cool just a little, and when it was cool enough to stick my fingers in, but still hot enough for me not to want to leave them in there for too long(!), I scooped some of the flowers out and put them in a muslin tea bag and applied the poultice to the growth.  I left it there all evening, sipping my tea and doing other things.  My breasts are very heavy, so they held the poultice in place just fine.

When I removed the poultice, my skin was a little red (probably from the VERY hot flowers I had applied) but the growth looked unchanged.  Oh, but by the next morning that growth had started to dissolve!  It was no longer inflamed, was much smaller and I couldn’t even see the little black head.  I put more poultices on that day and the next, until I ran out of Red Clover.  I have a little scar of darkened skin there now (just three days after the first poultice), but the growth is just about completely gone!  Just imagine what Red Clover taken internally will do for any growths I might not know about yet.  I am highly impressed with this herb!

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