Easter Weekend 2012

Raised bed

The weather has been beautiful here!!  Hubby and I spent the entire Easter weekend outside, celebrating all the wonder and renewal of spring.

I mulched and weeded my little culinary herb patch, and added a border from rocks out of the creek in our backyard.  Isn’t it pretty?  I’m going to lay out a spiral medicine garden next week.

Herb garden

The rose bushes and bee yard are the next area to weed and mulch.  The girls in the hive are busy making honey.  I bet they can’t wait for the roses!

Bee hives

Hubby built a new gate for the garden, and I stapled on the chicken wire.  He still needs to put a wheel on the bottom edge to help support the weight and to make it easier to open and close.

Garden Gate







We built some raised beds.

Raised bed

Our tomato seedlings are doing well!

And… we’re getting chickens!!  Here is the half completed chicken tractor we are building.  This is the run, and they are getting an enclosed roost on top.  See their little ladder up to the platform?  Hopefully by next week we’ll have this complete and can go get our girls.  Until we get our plants in the ground, we plan to let them run free in the garden yard during the day so they can help fertilize and weed for us.

Chicken coop

What a soul nourishing weekend!  I wound up with a little sunburn, several splinters in my hands,  dirt I can’t get out from under my fingernails, and a heart filled with wonder and joy and incredible gratitude.

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