Garlic Honey

I made an emergency batch of garlic honey when I had the flu last week. I improvised a bit. I was supposed to fill a jar full of garlic cloves and then full of honey and let it sit for 12 hours or so. I didn’t have an appropriately sized jar, and I only had about 5 or 6 garlic cloves on hand. I was in the midst of the flu and wanted to make some right away. I had a glass beer bottle that I had saved, so I popped my 5 or 6 garlic cloves down into it and then poured enough honey over them to cover them. They filled about 1/6 of the bottle. I wrapped plastic wrap securely over the opening and set it on the shelf to “brew”.

I read in Susun Weed’s materials that the garlic and honey were supposed to liquify over night. My garlic did not liquify, but the honey did become a little runnier.

I took a spoonful of it, and it tasted so good I started thinking that maybe I wanted to eat one of the garlic cloves! I tried to do this, thinking that surely the garlic would be good for me in fighting off this flu, but when I bit into the clove it was very strong and burned my tongue and I ended up spitting it out. I did get some of the juice of the clove, though, and I tasted it all night. My poor husband was careful to stay way on his side of the bed!

I took it several more times, and I think it did help. Just the honey on my sore vocal cords was heaven, and I think the garlic also did some work on my immune system to help me heal faster. I will definitely make some more of this, but next time I will use the right kind of jar and fill it to the top.

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