Getting Over the Flu

I had the flu last week and, for the first time, treated myself solely with herbal remedies. It was the shortest bout I have ever had!

Usually, I get the flu starting with a tickle in my throat or profuse nasal discharge. Then I get progressively worse, sometimes over the course of an entire week. Then I end it by becoming extremely hoarse and hacking & coughing constantly until I make my head hurt. The coughing will sometimes last for weeks or months.

But this time it was different… I knew I might get sick because I had been caring for my grandson who had a bad case of the flu. In the course of caring for him, I’m afraid I was very lazy about hygiene — I had regular contact with his nasal discharge and didn’t wash my hands as often as I should have; I even shared a spoon with him when he wanted some of my food. I know better than this! And to top it all off, having been exposed, I should have started preventative measures, but I didn’t do that either.

So I started coming down with the flu about a week or so after him. At the first sign of the sniffles and sore throat on about Wednesday, I started taking St John’s Wort, but my supply was low and I quickly ran out. I ordered some Anti-Viral from Red Moon Herbs, but it didn’t come until a couple of days after I started getting sick. As soon as I got it I started the Anti-Viral a few times a day.

I continued to get sick, but I still felt like I was working in cooperation with my body. I didn’t feel like a victim of illness, but rather more like a partner in hosting and expelling these germs. I felt more involved in the illness.

By Thursday, I was losing my voice because gunk was collecting around my vocal cords and my chest and throat were sore. I started getting a fever. Everything got worse on Friday and the gunk started moving up my respiratory track into my head, and my fever was pretty high. I decided not to try to suppress the fever, but to let it work for me in killing the germs in my body. I continued my Anti-viral doses. Each time I took a dose, I immediately felt slight better for a few minutes, but then worse again. But I knew it was doing something. Overall, on Friday I felt like I had been run over by a truck. I took a lot of hot baths and cranked up the heat, as the fever left me feeling chilled most of the day.

That night, I made myself a strong brew of Yarrow tea, with a little mint and St. John’s Wort and Skullcap in it. It was a very bitter brew but I managed to sip down a cup of it. It made me very sleepy and seemed to be not exactly intensifying my fever, but working with it somehow to heal me. I was still feverish and chilled after taking the tea, but I was also sweating a little and my body ache pain was less. I slept very well, only waking a few times because of my stuffed up head.

By Saturday morning, my fever was subsiding and the gunk in my throat was leaving. I continued the Anti-viral all day and tried to stay in bed most of the time. I was tired, but not feeling horrible other than the stuffy nose, and the coughing that hurt my chest and throat. My package from Susun Weed, containing my ABC’s of Herbalism materials arrived that afternoon. I began reading through them and discovered a quick remedy I could make to help ease a cold, and it only needed to steep over night – garlic honey.

By Sunday, I was even better. No fever, and my sore throat was dissipating. I had also mixed up some garlic honey the night before, so that afternoon I took a spoonful of it, and repeated it again several times before I went to bed.

By Monday, I was almost completely well except for a cough and some left over hoarseness. I stayed home from work, but I felt well enough to have gone. I went back to work on Tuesday. I was still hoarse through about Wednesday, and I would cough a lot if I got hot or dried out. Thursday, my hoarseness started to disappear, and by Friday I was talking normally. I barely coughed at all on Friday, and no coughing fits! A tiny bit of coughing here and there on Saturday, mostly out of habit I think. Here it is Sunday, and I feel just about back to normal.

I have never gotten over the flu this fast before!! Usually, I am VERY sick for a week or so, and the coughing will last for a couple of months or more. This is amazing.

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