Honeysuckle Sore Throat Syrup

I woke up with swollen tonsils, icky white stuff all over them, swollen glands in my neck so sore I couldn’t turn my head.  Oh no!

I first started treating it with echinacea.  I took several doses of the tincture through out that day and the next.  By the next day, my neck was less sore and the swelling was going down.  I should have kept up the echinacea a while longer, but I ran out, so I took a chance that my body could do the rest of the healing on its own.

Wrong!  Two days later, my tonsils and glands were swelling again.  I quickly went out and bought some more echinacea and started taking it again.  This time it didn’t help.  It just gave me a headache each time I took it, but did nothing for my sore throat.

That very day someone emailed me a recipe for honeysuckle sore throat syrup, supposedly a wonder remedy for sore throats.  And it just so happened that my honeysuckle was blooming profusely that week, so I gave it a shot.  I gathered the herb I needed by grabbing a vine and pulling my fingers along it, stripping the leaves and blossoms as I went the length of it.  When I had 2 cups worth, I used the recipe below to make my remedy.

I took a cupful to start with, then small amounts every couple of hours for the rest of that day and the next.  By the end of the second day my illness was gone!  Just gone.  No more sore glands, no more swollen tonsils, no icky white stuff, no pain on swallowing.  Gone.

I could feel it working as soon as I would take a dose.  I just felt this energy in my throat tissues, like they were waking up as the syrup made contact going down the hatch.  Then a few minutes after a dose, I would get very sleepy and have to go lay down.  It was obviously kick starting something, and my body was working hard to get itself well.

I will definitely be making up another big batch to freeze for the winter!  Here is the recipe.

Honeysuckle sore throat syrup


  • 2 cups honeysuckle fresh edible flowers and leaves
  • 1 quart water
  • 1 cup honey


  • Gather two cups of leaves and flowers from wild Honeysuckle vines(make sure they haven’t been sprayed). If you can’t get the flowers, leave them out of the recipe.
  • Bring 1 quart of water to a boil and add the two cups of honeysuckle leaves. Gently simmer for 10 minutes and strain. Add 1 cup of honey and stir well to dissolve. Store in fridge up to a month or freeze in small batches and take out what you need at one time.

Dosage: 1 oz every two hours for 5 yr. olds and up to adult.

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