Itty Bitty Tomato Seeds

My lovely non-GMO, non-hybrid, organic seeds arrived in the mail yesterday!  Today I am planting the tomatoes in seed trays so I can get them started growing in a sunny window over the next few weeks.  The last frost should be in just about 3 or 4 weeks, so it won’t be long before I will be ready to set out seedlings in the garden.

As I go about the work of filling each container with soil, wetting them down, and impregnating each compartment with a tiny little pin head speck of a tomato ovum, it is hard for me to comprehend that this seed truly represents the promise of a full size juicy red beefsteak that will come to fruition in the proper time.

I know it does. The life cycle of plants has been ingrained in me since kindergarten.  How many times while I was coming up did I sprout a lima bean on a wet brown paper towel from the box near the classroom sink, or grow a marigold in styrofoam cup, or root a potato in a jar?

But oddly, sitting here sprinkling these feather light wisps into their tiny little nursery pods, I feel like I am truly beginning the lesson for the first time.  I sense myself involved in a very magical process, and I feel simply awestruck.

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