Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

Here is an easy, earth-friendly recipe that I use to clean all the surfaces in my home.  It does smell like vinegar when you first spray it (not too strong, though), but then that quickly dissipates and leaves only a fresh lavender fragrance.  I love this cleaner because it does not leave streaks or any kind of residue… only squeaky clean floors, counter tops, and any other surface you clean with it.

Buy dried lavender blossoms, or pick fresh from the garden.  You need a large handful or two per 1/2 gallon container — the more you use, the stronger the lavender scent.  Place in a glass jar and pour white vinegar over (I use a glass milk jug with a plastic cap).  Let sit for a few days, then strain out the flowers.

Dilute with water according to how dirty the job is and pour into a labeled spray bottle.  No water for tough jobs; up to 4:1 dilution for light jobs.  I generally do half vinegar solution and half water, but for really dirty jobs I use it straight.

This cleaner cuts right through dirt and grease and leaves a squeaky clean surface!  Plus there are NO toxic ingredients and it does not harm the environment!  I just love it.

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