New Year, Novels, and Nurturing with Red Clover

Boy am I glad to be done with all the holiday hoopla!  No matter how I plan, it always gets away from me before its over, leaving us all exhausted and dazed.  I was fine until I took a moment to relax — around the 31st or so – then the exhaustion hit me and I’ve been recuperating since.

I was thinking during this down time how much things have changed for me over the last few years.  Instead of grabbing the bottle of Advil for those tight sore muscles all through my shoulders and down my spine, I instead took relaxing herbal baths, massaged with golden rod oil, used my own homemade herbal pack as a heating pad, drank hot teas and infusions of anti-inflammatory herbs, and overall just made it a truly nurturing experience. Where the Advil may have relieved my muscle pain temporarily, it would have also irritated my stomach and left it aching, making my food hard to digest for a while, and the pain would have likely come back with a vengeance after a few hours.  How much better to get to the source of the pain and nourish it back to relaxation.

Same thing with the cold I just had, the one that finally got me after several weeks of fighting it off.   I want to go into more detail on that nurturing process, so more on that in my next post.

Other things I’ve been doing while enjoying my relaxing free time are reading novels and in between experimenting with a couple of different oil infusions and trying to devise my own recipe for a breast massage cream.

I decided to reread the Earth’s Children series of novels by Jean Auel.  I just finished Clan of the Cave Bear and The Valley of the Horses, and I absolutely can’t wait to get back to the library and pick up the third in the series, The Mammoth Hunters.  These novels are the ultimate wise woman experience!  All the books in the series are huge, three or four inch thick books, but even so they just don’t last long enough for me.  I’m excited that I still have three more to go before I’ll get to the end of them.  They leave me feeling so inspired in my chosen path of the wise woman way!

Since it is now winter, I don’t have any fresh flowers to make oil infusions with, so instead I’ve been experimenting with making oils from dried red clover and calendula blossoms.  Later, when I can get fresh flowers, I’m going to make another fresh flower oil from each and compare them.

The red clover has been calling my name lately.  I’ve been craving infusions of the blossoms, and have been putting them in a bundle to soak in my bath water, and now I want to capture its essence in an oil or cream so I can use it for breast massage.

Breast massage, I’ve learned, is an important part of keeping the breasts healthy, especially as we move into the wise years.  It makes those monthly self exams for lumps a more pleasant experience and it promotes circulation in the tissues and lymph glands, where a big percentage of cancers can form as women age.  And red clover can dissolve growths magically –  I’ve seen it with my own eyes!  Click here to read how I got rid of a little growth almost overnight with a poultice of red clover flowers.

But even with no lumps, Red Clover is known to be very nourishing to breast tissues.  I’ve decided to pair it with the Calendula because it is just plain good for skin.  I don’t yet understand exactly how Calendula works, but I do know how my skin loves it.  So, I’m trying to formulate an oil blend or cream using these two flowers that I can use for breast massage.  I’ll let you know when I come up with a recipe that works well for me.

So, more on that cold I told you about next…

Happy new calendar year to all.  May you have all the desires of your heart in 2008!

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