Elixir of Scarlet Lobelia & Amethyst Essences



Born to Be

Limited Edition!

Created with intention & ritual on the eve of the
2017 Leo New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse


I created this flower and stone essence on the eve of the historic 2017 Leo New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse with the intention to support your full embodiment, a deepening awareness of the self as a simultaneously spiritual and earthly being, to connect the energy of the root chakra with the crown chakra, in order to reveal your most vibrant, dynamic, multi-dimensional self.  May it kindle creative fire in the belly, personal power in the world, love in the heart, authentic voice in the community, and deep intuition in the souls of all who partake. 

May this inspired vibrational medicine support you in fully embodying all you were born to be.

Essences are vibrational medicines, and should be taken a few drops at a time to influence the body/mind/spirit on an energetic level. 

Essences of Scarlet Lobelia Flowers & Amethyst Stalactite
Preserved in cherry liqueur




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