Rosemary Blessing for Body, Mind, and House

I recently cleaned my floors and baseboards and other surfaces with Rosemary infusion. Yes, just a simple infusion made with a handful of fresh and dried Rosemary, boiled in water, and left to infuse over night. The result was a beautiful mahogany colored, resinous, vibrant smelling solution that tastes as good as it dissolves grease and grime.  And it’s antiseptic, so it will kill germs too.

What? You don’t feel like cleaning the house today? A sip or two of Rosemary infusion may change all that. Rosemary has long been used as a tonic and pick-me-up, so have some before you get started.

As one of the loveliest culinary herbs, it truly does taste as good as it cleans. Now I ask you, how many cleaning solutions can you actually drink before you clean with them? Just a little, please. A strong infusion like this will go a long way. Feel free to dilute it with fresh water and/or add some honey if you like.  And you can drink it either hot or cold.

Now that you’ve tasted and felt the energy of this plant, put a little of your infusion to the side (I’ll tell you why in a minute), and use the rest to bless the house. Pour it into a bucket, dip your cloth in, and clean away!

Watch the dirt disappear and notice how the energy will begin to shift toward peace, love, and happiness. I feel this energy shift in my body when I drink it, and I feel it in my house as I dip in and out of the water, inhaling the divine fragrance, cleansing my space. I sometimes smudge with Rosemary too.

When the house is finally clean, take a shower, shampoo your hair, and use the bit you put aside earlier for a hair rinse. Some will skip the shampoo and use the infusion mixed with baking soda as their sole hair cleanser. Others will mix the infusion with a bit of castile soap for an all natural shampoo that lathers.

Rosemary is especially good for oily hair.  Just like it will gently dissolve grease and dirt on the floors, without stripping them, and leaving behind a lovely squeaky clean shine, it will do the same for your hair. If you have oily skin and/or blemishes, you might also want to dab some infusion on your skin.  Again, Rosemary is antiseptic, so it’s a great thing to use for acne.

As a medicinal herb, Rosemary is considered by some to be a near panacea, and it also has a rich folkloric history.  There is a ton of information to be had, but I’ve included just a few links and books I personally enjoyed below, for your reading pleasure.

So revel in your Rosemary blessing, inside and out.

Embrace the happiness. Smell the freshness. Notice the shine.

See it.  Feel it. Believe it.



Now Remember Rosemary, by Susun Weed

A Modern Herbal – Rosemary

Rosmarinus Officinalis – Dew of the Sea, by Kristena Roder

Witchipedia – Rosemary

Herbal Books (that have wonderful sections on Rosemary):

The Earthwise Herbal: A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants

Common Herbs for Natural Health (Herbals of Our Foremothers)

Opening Our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs



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  1. Danielleon 09 Sep 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Lovely post. I adore rosemary!

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