Making Dandelion Sunshine Medicine

This morning my hands smell like wet spring dirt mixed with sunshine and a bit of sugar… ahhhhh! It’s the lovely, sharp fragrance of dandelion sap. I’ve been outside popping flowers from their springy stems all morning. Before I began, I thanked the plant for all the help its roots and leaves gave me this Read More

Help for indigestion

I will never ever eat anything heavy near bedtime again!  I had an extra couple of bites of our yummy dinner casserole as I was cleaning up the kitchen last night, and then had god awful indigestion the whole night.  Miserable. My poor digestive system was pulling an all nighter trying to deal with that Read More

How to Make Dandelion Root Coffee

Everybody knows that coffee and its potent caffeine rush is not good for you, but for those of us who love it, it is a difficult thing to give up. I find that it’s more than the caffeine that is addictive — the intoxicating aroma, the sweet childhood memories it arouses of my Nanny whose Read More

Digging for Dandelion Roots

Dandelion has been a great plant ally for me for some time, but yesterday was the first time I have ever attempted to gather my own dandelion roots. I found the experience exhilarating! I’ve been using dandelion root tincture that I purchased this past year for some indigestion and heart-burn issues I’ve been having since Read More