Yarrow & Goldenrod: Superb Topical Analgesic

A few weeks ago, I got the side of my finger caught between the tips of a pair of pliers that I happened to be squeezing together with all my might while working on something.  It hurt terribly and made an instant ugly bruise swell up.  Ooooh, it was throbbing, skin almost cut, a dark purple bruise.  Read More

Goldenrod Invasion!

They have arrived! Standing tall and strong all around the edge of the yard and all over the meadow, with tiny little flower buds just forming. I crushed a few of the buds this morning while I was out walking to sample the sweet, heady fragrance and be instantly reminded why I love this plant Read More

How to Put Summer in a Bottle

I finally found a way to preserve a little piece of summer to enjoy all year long! And just in time, too. Every morning now there is frost on everything when I leave for work… I have to wear shoes and socks, when I much prefer bare feet… We’ve had our first round of colds Read More

Treasures in My Back Yard

Back Yard Herbalism I spent a glorious day on Sunday exploring my yard and the forest and meadow that are on our property. I haven’t had a chance to just leisurely explore for quite some time.   Now that it’s Fall, a lot of the growth is dying back, but there were still a couple Read More