Goldenrod Invasion!

They have arrived! Standing tall and strong all around the edge of the yard and all over the meadow, with tiny little flower buds just forming. I crushed a few of the buds this morning while I was out walking to sample the sweet, heady fragrance and be instantly reminded why I love this plant Read More

Why I Brew My Herbals for Six Weeks

Most of my herbal medicines – honeys, vinegars, oils, and tinctures – are brewed for at least six weeks. I was taught to do it this way by Susun Weed, my first herbal teacher, but it took a while before I understood why. Other herbalists frequently suggest only a couple weeks brewing time. And I Read More

Honeysuckle Sore Throat Syrup

I woke up with swollen tonsils, icky white stuff all over them, swollen glands in my neck so sore I couldn’t turn my head.  Oh no! I first started treating it with echinacea.  I took several doses of the tincture through out that day and the next.  By the next day, my neck was less Read More