Meeting a New Plant Ally

A couple of days ago, I was in my back yard meditation sit-spot, feeling the grass beneath my feet, the sound of the trickling creek in my ears, the wind blowing through the trees, and then through my hair.  Yet, I wasn’t really appreciating any of that. My heart was so heavy, the world seeming Read More

New Plant! Cancer Weed

Does this plant look like a lyre to you? (click on the photo for a larger image) Uh-uh, doesn’t to me either.  Never-the-less, I learned this week that it was named Salvia lyrata because of its striking resemblance to a lyre.  I don’t get it.  It is also known as cancer weed, because it has Read More

Rosemary Blessing for Body, Mind, and House

I recently cleaned my floors and baseboards and other surfaces with Rosemary infusion. Yes, just a simple infusion made with a handful of fresh and dried Rosemary, boiled in water, and left to infuse over night. The result was a beautiful mahogany colored, resinous, vibrant smelling solution that tastes as good as it dissolves grease Read More

Meet Pennywort

I just returned from a relaxing vacation on the beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and met some sweet new plant friends.  Although I saw many herbs that were new to me, a couple really caught my attention and inspired me to get to know them better. I wanted to share my research Read More

Sassafras Rainbow

We’ve had our first few light frosts this week!  This morning I went looking to see if the Sassafras roots would be ready for harvesting anytime soon. Nope. Not yet.  But I did learn something about the true colors of Sassafras. Some Sassafras is yellow… Some Sassafras is orange… Some Sassafras is red… And some Read More

The Best Things I Did For Myself All Week

When I get sick, my first thoughts usually turn to, how can I make this GO AWAY!! NOW!!  But I’m learning through experience that this approach is not always the best way.  It seems the more I push at an illness, the more it pushes back, and the longer I have to deal with it. Read More

What To Do With Poke Berries

For the “harvest” blog party, being hosted by Darcey Blue at Gaia’s Gifts… My poke bush (Phytolacca americana) is heavy with ripe fruit, so I’ve been gathering my winter supply. These pink-black berries are great for addressing body aches and rheumatism, stimulating a slugglish thyroid, stimulating the immune system, fighting off the flu, clearing swollen Read More

Poke Leaf Salve for Psoriasis

There is a huge Poke (Phytolacca americana) bush in our field that I have honored all summer and allowed to grow as big as it wants to be.  I’ve been focusing on this plant this year, learning all I can about it. From my vantage point, it has a tough, stoic, decidedly male, personality, sort Read More

The Utterly Amazing Butterfly Weed

I’ve been sick for the past three weeks.  A cold that passed quickly down into my throat, giving me a croupy laryngitis, and then finally settled in my chest… to stay, it seemed.  It hung on and on and on.  The incessant, mostly dry coughing, the headaches and muscle strains from coughing, the tight, painful Read More

Blackberry Leaf Tea for Diarrhea

When hubby asked me to go to the store and get him some Immodium, I started wracking my brain for a suitable herbal alternative. He was feeling pretty bad and needed quick relief, so whatever I came up with needed to be effective. I remembered that blackberry is a specific for this condition so off Read More

Goldenrod Invasion!

They have arrived! Standing tall and strong all around the edge of the yard and all over the meadow, with tiny little flower buds just forming. I crushed a few of the buds this morning while I was out walking to sample the sweet, heady fragrance and be instantly reminded why I love this plant Read More