Linden Leaf and Flower for Head Colds, Aches, Dry Skin, Sleep, and More

You know those head colds where it starts off with your nose running like a faucet and uncontrollable sneezing?  And then once that stops, your nasal passages just swell up and seal shut,  but your nose continues to run and drip down the back of your throat?  Yeah.  I had one of those last week.  Read More

More Tree Medicine: Making Ogham Sticks

After my recent post on Tree Medicine my friend, Sarah Head, suggested I make my own set of Ogham Sticks.  She was even kind enough to send along detailed instructions from the classes she teaches on the topic.  I had not heard of Ogham Sticks before, but was immediately intrigued when I learned they were Read More

Sassafras Rainbow

We’ve had our first few light frosts this week!  This morning I went looking to see if the Sassafras roots would be ready for harvesting anytime soon. Nope. Not yet.  But I did learn something about the true colors of Sassafras. Some Sassafras is yellow… Some Sassafras is orange… Some Sassafras is red… And some Read More

Tree Medicine

In the spiritual tradition of my Native American ancestors, the trees are known as the Standing People. They are the great and wise chiefs of the Green Nations.  Their roots run deep into Mother Earth and their branches reach high toward Father Sky.  They are deeply connected to both the physical and spiritual realms, wise Read More

Come, meet my new plant friends!

I’m excited to be participating for the first time in the herbal blog party this month, being hosted by Ananda at Plant Journeys.  This month’s topic is “Mythical plant personalities.”  Below is my contribution.. I’ve spent a great deal of time this last year trying to get to know the plants all around my house.  Read More