Herbal Coconut Diaper Rash Balm

My new little grandson, barely 2 weeks old, has had his first minor diaper rash. ‘Cause he likes to poop in the middle of the night while he’s sleeping and nobody knows about it until the next morning! Here is a simple herbal balm I made that cleared it right up.

I used raw, organic coconut oil as the base, and infused some dried Balm of Gilead (poplar buds), dried yarrow, and fresh chopped plantain from the yard. Yarrow is known to be quite anti-bacterial and good for skin ailments. Plantain draws out infection or toxins and helps heals skin beautifully, and Balm of Gilead is well known as a skin healer and soother. the coconut oil itself is also anti-microbial and very nourishing to the skin. There are many, many other herbs adn oils that could have been used here, but these were the ones I had on hand and that came to mind when I started mixing.

Since I needed this balm immediately and didn’t want to wait weeks for it to infuse, I decided for the first time to use a heat infusion method. I followed Frances’ suggestion to use a crock pot set on low for a couple days.

I put the coconut oil in a small jar and immersed it in the warm water in the crock pot to melt it, then added the herbs, stirred it well, put the top on, and sat it back down in the warm water bath (along with a couple other infusing oils so as to get maximum use from having the crock pot on for so long). I let it infuse for two days, opening the cap to wipe away moisture condensation (from water in the fresh plantain) and to stir it occasionally.

When it had taken on a nice green color and I deemed it done, I strained the oil through a mesh strainer first, then strained it again through a clean cloth to get all the tiny little herb particles out.

Coconut oil will stay solid at room temperature, about 76 degrees or less. In our air conditioned homes, this makes a perfect salve. If it were going to be stored in a warmer place, I would have melted some beeswax into the mixture to keep it solid at higher temps too.

While it was still warm and liquid, I put it in a squeeze bottle to keep fingers out of the mixture to avoid introducing bacteria so it will last longer. I have no idea what the shelf life is. Since there are no preservatives, we will keep a close eye on it for spoilage.

My daughter took the filled bottle with her before I took a pic, but here is an empty one.  I picked up a bunch of these at the discount store for about $. 50 a piece.

This balm has a lovely light coconut scent and feels really nice on the skin. In addition to diaper rash, it could be used for many other purposes. It could be really great for moisturizing elbows and feet, or soothing any minor skin abrasion.


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  1. france on 23 Jun 2008 at 7:10 am

    thank you for mentioning my tip
    on the crock pot method of infusing oils
    when i use this method i leave the caps off
    so to let the water evaporate out~
    your baby diaper rash balm sounds lovely

    thanks again

  2. Sarah Head on 25 Jun 2008 at 7:35 am

    Hi Tammy

    Lovely description and pictures of the diaper rash balm. I use a crock pot to make infsed oils when I’m doing workshops at my parents’s farm. I use the double infused method – I I half my amount of herbs (usually fresh from the herb gardens there) and place them in the crockpot and cover with sunflower oil and heat for two hours on the highest setting. After two hours I strain the oil and use the once infused oil to cover the second half of the herbs. I leave it to heat for another two hours and then strain. The water from the fresh herbs usually condenses on the lid of the crockpot so you have to be careful not to let the drips fall back into the hot oil when you lift off the lid. I also advise the workshop students to leave the oil to stand for a couple of days and decant again so they get rid of the water content before storage. The oils always turn out well.


  3. tammy on 27 Jun 2008 at 9:24 am

    More great information! Thank you Sarah. I am very intrigued at all the different ways of making oils. Is there a particular reason you choose sunflower oil?

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