Yarrow & Goldenrod: Superb Topical Analgesic


A few weeks ago, I got the side of my finger caught between the tips of a pair of pliers that I happened to be squeezing together with all my might while working on something.  It hurt terribly and made an instant ugly bruise swell up.  Ooooh, it was throbbing, skin almost cut, a dark purple bruise.  What to do?  What to do?  Ouch!

YarrowSomewhere from the depths of my brain came the thought that Yarrow is good for bruises (I hadn’t really used it for this purpose before, just had read about it somewhere).  I happened to have some oil that I made this summer from fresh flowering tops of yarrow growing in the neighbor’s field, so I pulled it out and rubbed some over the injury – very, very carefully! did I mention how bad it hurt?

Well, within seconds, the pain was diminished, so I kept rubbing the oil in a bit deeper.  A couple more seconds and the pain was completely, completely gone! And the bruise seemed less ugly too. For the rest of the day, everytime it would begin to hurt again, I rubbed some more in.  By the next morning I could barely see the bruise, and I had no more pain, so no more need for repeat applications.

Okay, so everything I’ve read about Yarrow being a good bruise remedy and its ability to move stagnant blood was proven true first hand.  But I kept thinking about that surprising pain relief I had experienced.  As someone who must sit at a desk all day for her day job, and who tends to do hard physical work outside of the job, I can get quite stiff and sore very often.  Plus, as a massage therapist in training, I know that chronic pain is an extremely widespread problem.  Something that can bring this kind of pain relief is very exciting to me, to say the least.

It has a sort of numbing, anesthetic quality, but not in a way that completley removes all sensation.  You can still feel touch, just not the slightest bit of pain.

GoldenrodNow, I use Goldenrod oil regularly for deeply sore muscles, and in addition to the way that helps heal strained muscles, it also has a similar pain relieving effect as does the Yarrow, but not nearly as strong.

Hmmmmmm, went my little brain… maybe they could complement each other.  I decided to mix the two oils together, and wow, am I ever glad I did.

This is the muscle pain reliever that beats EVERY single thing I’ve ever used for this problem.  In my estimation, it’s at least ten times more effective than the Goldenrod alone, and about a hundred times more effective than most other remedies I’ve used.

And the best thing is, it’s not just a pain reliever that addresses surface symptoms.  It also really helps the muscles to repair.  I hurt my shoulder lifting and carrying something that was too heavy for me a few months ago, and then dutifully sat at my desk job week in and week out, with the injured shoulder unnaturally strained forward clicking a mouse all day, every day.  Needless to say, what could have been a fairly minor injury turned into a major problem after a couple of months.

After ignoring the very painful and spasming muscles over many weeks (the spasms would come and go at first), hoping it would go away on its own, I finally decided to see a chiropractor when it kept yelling louder and louder and was getting worse each day.  His treatments and prescribed exercises are helping me to realign my muscles and posture to prevent further injury, but what is really helping to speed the healing is my Goldenrod & Yarrow oil.

I didn’t use it the first week I was seeing the chiropractor, and I was having a LOT of pain between appointments.  After I started rubbing out the spasms a couple times a day with the oil, I noticed that after just a few days of regular use, I needed to apply it less and less frequently.  The muscles are pain free AND they are healing quickly.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve also had the opportunity to use it on several massage clients needing relief from severe spasms, and have gotten similar awesome results for them as well.  It doesn’t necessarily dissolve the spasm — you still need to work it out manually in most cases (though with less effort than you might otherwise need).  But it does remove all the pain and gets the blood flowing and the healing started immediately. (Caution to therapists: Be careful not to work too deeply if using this oil, as your client won’t be able to sense pain and tell you if you are going too deep.)

Oh how blessed I feel to have discovered this combo!


5 Responses to “Yarrow & Goldenrod: Superb Topical Analgesic”

  1. Sarah Head on 09 Nov 2008 at 10:42 am

    I love hearing new stories about Yarrow’s amazing effectiveness. I’ll be trying it out when I have need – many thanks! I’m also awarding you the Uber Amazing Blog Award for all the new ideas you share so freely! Visit http://kitchenherbwife.blogspot.com/2008/11/my-first-award-and-other-excitement.html and you’ll find out how to post it on your website.

    Much love


  2. darcey blue on 09 Nov 2008 at 12:14 pm

    i have also found yarrow to be an excellent analgesic, but I’ve never specifically tried the oil in this way! what a fabulous idea!!

  3. tammy on 10 Nov 2008 at 8:12 am

    wow, thanks for the award, Sarah! I’ll try to post it up later today.
    Darcey, in what other circumstances do you use yarrow for pain relief? It seems all around good for pain both inside and out, as I’ll also often drink the tea whenever I have that all-over achiness thing going on and it always makes me feel better.

  4. ICQB on 10 Nov 2008 at 2:06 pm

    Thanks for posting about the yarrow/goldenrod combo. I am a newbie to herbal remedies, but the first oil I made was goldenrod oil. I made it into a salve and I use it when I get a stiff/spastic neck. It works wonders.

    There’s plenty of goldenrod that grows wild around here, but I will have to plant yarrow in the garden. I grew calendula this year and harvested and dried it all season. And I dried wild-harvested goldenrod. I’ll be making salve out of each and sending it out with holiday gifts to the relatives.

    Now I’ll be looking forward to the yarrow in my garden next season.

  5. Patricia on 11 Nov 2008 at 11:30 am

    What a great idea, Tammy. I love the goldenrod oil (made it after reading about it on your blog and Kiva Rose’s blog) and am planning on making yarrow oil too. More powerful than goldenrod? Wow. Impressive. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks, HM

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